A Hand Back Up

Life seems to be a journey of roller coaster rides. We all experience different things and go thru different trials and tribulations, and somehow some of us fall thru every single crack in the planet and still insist we keep going. My opinion, persistence lessens resistance, and I am living proof. Yesterday, my future husband... Continue Reading →


Why not give up on the daily grind?!

So here is a thought for you...if you hate your job, quit..why? Simple, it comes down to the fact that you more than likely you don't get paid enough to be miserable. If your not happy in your relationship, it's the same, gracefully and as kindly as possible excuse yourself. There is just to much... Continue Reading →

This is going to be interesting…

Hello and welcome to this bright idea of mine. Through much encouragement from the many people who have come on the various parts of my path, I have decided to start writing publicly. Now, please note that I have zero formal teachings on the arts of writing therefore my grammar and editing will be raw... Continue Reading →

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